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Luis I. Solórzano 
Air Motor Project President


Birth Date: March 22nd, 1944 

Birth Place: Tucupido – Guárico State – Venezuela


1962 – 1967. Electrical Engineer, Specialty Electronics. Central University of Venezuela.


1.Telephonic Exchanges from Plessey. Company A. T. E. of England. 

2.Integrated Circuits CMOS – CANTV (National Telephonic of Venezuela). 

3.Completed Studies of Classical Guitar in Lino Gallardo (Music School in Caracas). 

4.English Course in Abraham Lincoln Academic.


• Registered Agent of Kasgis Enterprise Inc. • Assistant Engineer to the Metropolitan Area of CANTV • Manager of TELETONO C.A. (Private Telephonic Company) Chief of NORMATEL C.A. (Private Telephonic Company) General Manager of Michele Watch of Venezuela, C.A. Chief of FABRELEC C.A. (Private Electronic Company) Math Professor in Ayacucho School (Technical College).Professor of Communications II and Electrical Machines II in the Electric Engineer Section of U.C.V. (Central University of Venezuela) Professor of Communications in Institute of New Professions of Caracas. Professor of Guitar Classic (Particular Classes) Musically, many personnel executions in different concert halls of Caracas, as well as in Radio and Television, and equal out of the country, Bogotá – Colombia, Santiago de Chile – Chile, etc.


A.First blocking device in Venezuela, for telephonic long distance calls, national and international. 

B.Research, development and design of a timer for telephonic calls control. 

C.Telephonic Central (2 lines and 3 extensions)

D.Coin Telephone for private use 

E.Automatic Telephonic Recording Device 

F.Separator of telephonic auxiliaries 

G.Electrical System Burglar Alarm 

H.Project, development and building of public electricity in different neighborhoods around all the country. 

I.Timer for multiple cashing and antifraud equipment for CANTV 

J.Special Design of a transmitter V. H. F. for the Police 

K.In the Musical area: Many compositions applied to classical guitar (“Oratory to Katrina”, “Oratory to Samanta”, “Amigo” – Waltz, “Pasarela” – Waltz, “Quietud” – Waltz, “Más Allá” – Study; and many others) 

L.Design and manufacturing of the First Cardiac Pacemaker, in Venezuela. 

M.Research, Study and Discovery of the Air Motor (the first self sustained motion machine in the world)

Rosa K. Solórzano
Air Motor Project Vice President

Rosa K. Solórzano was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 29th, 1977. In May of 1999, she obtained her B.S. in Industrial Engineer from the Universidad José María Vargas, Caracas, Venezuela.


Working Experience

Project Coordinator - VTE Telecomunicaciones C. A. (1999 – 2005). 

General Manager of FABRELEC C.A. (Private Electronic Company), where she worked in the design and manufacture of the first Cardiac Pacemaker (2005 – 2008).

During the past few years, she has been working as an Assistant Engineer in the Research, Study and Discovery of the Thermal Generator and its application the Air Motor. She is the President (founder) of Kasgis Enterprise Inc.

Other Studies

Microsoft Project – 2000, Caracas, Venezuela Edumics - Computers Introduction, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point), Internet Explorer – 1998, Caracas, Venezuela English as a Second Language – American Venezuelan Center – 1993, Caracas, Venezuela Engineers College of Caracas, Venezuela, 1.- Finance for Non Financial Professionals and 2.- Management Development.

Eudes Vera
Scientific Associate

Eudes Vera was born in San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela, on August 20, 1946.


In 1969 he obtained his B.S. in Electrical Engineer from the Universidad de Oriente, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. He was granted M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA (1972), and from the University of Aston, Birmingham, U.K. (1978). In 1982, he obtained a Ph. D. degree from The Hatfield Polytechnic, Hatfield, U.K.

During 25 years, he taught several subjects in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Universidad de Oriente and retired from this institution as a Full Professor in 1994. In 1998 he was a Visiting Professor at Northeastern University, Boston, USA. He has carried out research in the area of Digital Magnetic Recording and published several papers in IEEE and other scientific publications. From 1994 until 2001, Dr Vera worked as a data network engineer in CANTV, the main Venezuelan telecommunications company.

At the Universidad de Oriente, he was Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering for six years and Coordinator of Graduate Studies for three years. His current areas of interest are computer networks and clean energy sources.

Luis Enrique Solorzano

Assistant in the Research, Study and Discovery of the Thermal Generator and its application the Air Motor.Macy’s of Dadeland Mall, Miami, FL. 04-2014 / 06-2014 - SALES ASSOCIATE. Management and Procurement Global Solution Corp, Miami, FL. 01-2012/07-2013 - SALES MANAGER. Exxon Gas Station, Miami, FL 09-2011/10-2011 - CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CASHIER. Euro Studio Furniture, Miami, FL. 11-2009/12-2010 - ASSISTANT MANAGER/SALES ASSOCIATE. Jewelry & Watches Anyelli’s, Caracas, Venezuela. 10-2005/11-2006 - MANAGER/SALES ASSOCIATE. Distributor Michele Watch of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela. 10-1994/09-2005 - SALES REPRESENTATIVE. Representaciones Niza, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 01-1994/07-1994 - SALES ASSOCIATE